Bridge Sensor Report

Bridge Sensor Report

          ◉ The Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) for bridge structure is generally referred to the real time assessment of the Structural behavior for bridges.

          ◉ The Structural behavior includes the verification of various structural responses like stress, strain and deflection.

          ◉ Parameters of serviceability limit state design should be ensuring by bridge instrumentation.

          ◉ Recording the behaviour of bridge structure under wind, temperature, rain, earthquake including dynamic parameters.

          ◉ To form a data base for tracking the behaviour of bridge structure in order to avoid any potential deterioration of safety and stability.

          ◉ One of the main goals to ensure public safety.

          ◉ It reduced the procedure of monotonous inspection of bridges at regular time interval by the divisional engineers.

          ◉ The Bridge sensor may be classified as
           ⇒ Strain Sensor
           ⇒ Stress Sensor
           ⇒ Deflection Sensor